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At Cyberhacker we are very responsible and radical in terms of people’s privacy. For this reason, through this public document, we disclose our Privacy Policy that will apply to all visitors to our website as well as those who contact us and/or request a hacking service.


Data we collect

We collect and store in our database information that is essential for the proper performance of our website as well as for statistical analysis. Such information is limited to:

  • Visitor’s country
  • Type of device
  • Browser used
  • Screen size

This information is stored anonymously and it is impossible to relate it to a particular user or person.
It is important to mention that we never store the IP address of any visitor nor any information that is considered sensitive or personal or that could, in any way, identify a person.

We will also store information about a visitor’s permanence time on our website as well as the pages they have viewed. All these data are merely statistical and helps us determine which services are the most and least demanded, which countries visit us the most, and what type of device the people who visit us use. In this way, we can make changes to our services, adapt our website to the most used devices and focus our advertising campaigns in the countries with the highest demand. In short, it helps us offer higher quality services.

2 Data storage

The collected data will remain stored for a period of between 1 and 30 days.
At the end of each month, we permanently delete all details and keep in place only the general statistical conclusions for the month, which are maintained in our system for a period of 12 months.

3 Cookies

Cookies are tiny files that your own browser stores on your own device. Thanks to the cookies, it is possible to keep a session started or to remember particular settings such as colors, graphic settings or languages.

At Izaum we use cookies only in the  Clients Area, where all customers who have an active order with us can enter to check its status in real time. The cookie helps us maintain the session active and avoid the client having to log in every time the page is refreshed.

If you wish, you can use an incognito tab in your browser, so that the cookie will only be saved while your browser is open, but it will be deleted as soon as you close it.

Cookies will not jeopardize your anonymity at any time and will not link or relate to your activity on our website.

4 Contact by email

Our email is the safest means of communication since it is guarded and encrypted by ourselves following the highest security standards added to our own experience and particular knowledge.

The messages that are sent and received, will be kept in our email only as long as it is justified to keep them. As soon as a negotiation is concluded or we no longer receive a response from the client, we proceed to permanently delete all messages.

5 Orders

When someone place an order for a hacking service with us, we will collect and store only that information related to their order. This is limited to the order details (i.e. what the customer asked for) and a contact email address. We only keep this information while the order is in process. As soon as it has been completed, it will not make any sense to continue storing this information, so we will proceed to delete all records. It means that no one, not even us, will know what we did or for whom.

6 Exceptions

Our privacy policy will be considered null and void when a client who have requested a hacking service from us breaches our agreement. If this happens, we will act in accordance with the provisions of our Payment Default policy.

Any person who is worthy, responsible and who reads the  Service Agreement before placing an order, making sure to understand and accept everything, should not be worried, as our agreement will be followed by both parties and the privacy policy will be maintained.